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UK Theatre proactively advocates on behalf of its members across the four nations, devolved regions, and local authority areas of the UK. We know that theatre provides numerous benefits to the economy, the culture of local communities, and the broader health and wellbeing of our audiences and we make this case to politicians and policy makers and ensure the sector’s voice is listened to.

Our current focuses include: addressing skills gaps and training opportunities; domestic and international touring; influencing the Government’s Levelling Up and Build Back Better agendas; promoting theatre as key to UK soft power abroad; and advocating for sustained financial support from central and local government and government agencies.

UK Theatre supports campaigns including Family Arts CampaignCulture Counts, and What Next? We also support the Hearts For The Arts which is run by the National Campaign for the Arts. UK Theatre is proud to be a strategic Partner of Parents in Performing Arts (PIPA). 

We work closely with organisations including the Theatres Trust, Federation of Scottish Theatres, Creu Cymru, and Theatre and Dance NI. We are a member of numerous bodies including Creative UK and act as the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Theatre in Westminster. We have good working relationships with key officials and political leaders in Westminster, Holyrood, the Senedd, and Stormont.

Theatre APPG

UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre (SOLT) act as the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Theatre in Westminster. This role involves us providing organisational, staff time and strategic support. The APPG is Chaired by Giles Watling, Conservative MP for Clacton, and was been founded to support the resilience and relevance of theatre in the UK for audiences, its workforce, and society.

Please see the APPG for Theatre webpage for more details or contact our Public Affairs Manager, Christopher

UK Theatre & SOLT’s Election Manifesto
2022 Local Elections

Theatres provide extensive contributions to the economy, health and wellbeing, and civic pride of the local communities that they serve. Our 2022 Local Elections Manifesto outlines the reasons why all candidates should commit to supporting their local theatres and calls on all parties and candidates to:

  1. Maintain and strengthen local funding for theatres and the arts in real terms
  2. Invest in creative skills and recruitment to build a creative workforce that is fit for the future
  3. Lobby for the creation and implementation of a comprehensive, long-term cultural strategy for the local area
2019 General Election

Before the 2019 election we wrote our Manifesto and sent it to the political parties. In addition to asking for a commitment to continued public funding (local and national), there are three main themes: 

  1. Income generation, funding and growth
  2. Talent development, diversity and cultural education    
  3. International opportunities and strong connections  

The Theatre Green Book sets out practical advice for the performing arts sector on achieving zero-carbon status in relation to productions, theatre buildings and front-of-house operations. To support theatres in England to adopt the practices outlined in the Theatre Green Book, the Theatres Trust and SOLT/UK Theatre have developed a Greening Theatres Grant Scheme proposal which we have put to government. The scheme would be open to small (fewer than 400 seats), medium (400 – 800 seats) and large venues (over 800 seats). It would provide theatres with the capital they need to implement ‘quick win’, high impact energy efficiency measures in time for winter 2023, such as the installation of LED lighting and insulation of doors and windows. To qualify for the grant, theatres would use the Theatre Green Book Home Survey Tool to identify improvements that would make their buildings more energy efficient.  

For further details please download the proposal and cost savings analysis or contact the Public Affairs Team at

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