Preparing for Brexit

Preparing for Brexit

SOLT and UK Theatre were successful in an application for the Government's Brexit Business Readiness Grant. We used this grant to help the theatre sector prepare for a possible No-Deal Brexit scenario. 

Our preparation sessions have now concluded. On this page we have collated recordings from 3 of the sessions, the presentation slides from the speakers and other useful information and links

Delivered by lawyers from Magrath Sheldrick, this presentation covers Freedom of Movement, the EU Settlement Scheme, the potential transition in the case of a No-Deal Brexit, UK Immigration for Performers, Shows and Entourage, and case studies of touring in 5 five EU countries (France, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Holland). 

Movement of People - Correct as of 16.10.19


Delivered by freight expert company Sound Moves, this presentation covers Movement of Product topics such as Carnets, Licenses and CITES, EORI numbers, Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP), the Customs Procedure Code (CPC), VAT (specifically in relation to the movement of product), Commercial Invoices, and the Common Transit Convention (CTC).

Movement of Product - Correct as of 16.10.19

IP and Data was covered by different firms and speakers in the various regions. Please see below links to the presentation slides that were used across the series of sessions. Subjects covered include Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trade Marks, GDPR and Data Protection.

IP & Data - 30.09.19  - Delivered by Colin Bell and Will Eggleston from Brabners (

IP - 02.10.19 - Delivered by Colin Sawdy from Sheridans (

Data - 09.10.19 - Delivered by Antonia Gold from Sheridans (

IP & Data - 16.10.19 - Delivered by Muneeb Gill from Dentons ( 

IP & Data - 21.10.19 - Delivered by Colin Bell from Brabners (

IP & Data - 23.10.19 - Delivered by Hayley Lewis and Helen Snow from Geldards (

We have been collating the Frequently Asked Questions from the sessions in London and across the regions. 

Movement of Product FAQs - correct as of 23.10.19

Movement of People FAQscorrect as of 23.10.19

IP & data - correct as of 23.10.19

Data Protection 

For more information on data protection and Brexit, please visit the ICO website

More detailed information about data protection in the case of a no deal Brexit, please see this page on the ICO website, and for small businesses there is some additional information found here

Schengen Calculator

When planning tours, this calculator works out the travel days remaining under a Schengen short-stay visa, either in terms of checking the maximum length of stay which would be allowed on a particular day in the future, or to calculate the length of previous and/or on-going stays to get an answer on compliance with the 90 days / 180 day rule. 

UK Theatre "Exiting the EU" Survey

UK Theatre has been repeating an "Exiting the EU" survey every 6 months since October 2017 with organisations in the theatre industry. The overview of results can be seen below: 

UK Theatre & SOLT's Exiting the EU survey results (Surveys 1, 2 and 3 combined). Survey 4

  • Wednesday 22 January - Conclusion of the Lords consideration of Commons amendments to the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, after which the Bill will be delivered to the Palace for Royal Assent. 
  • Wednesday 29 January - European Parliament will vote on the Withdrawal Agreement.
  • Date unknown, but before 31 January - European Council will vote by a qualified majority to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement.
  • 11.00 GMT 31 January - Article 50 will end and the UK will enter into a Transition Period with the EU until 31 December. In that time, the UK and EU will negotiate a future relationship based broadly on the Political Declaration accompanying the Withdrawal Agreement. Union law will continue to apply in the UK until the end of that Transition Period. 
  • 1 March - date by which the European Commission hopes to have secured its negotiating mandate from EU member states.
  • 1 July - final date by which the UK can request a single extension to the Transition Period, to either 31 December 2021 or 31 December 2022. This can only be requested once. After that date, no extension can be granted.
  • 26 November - date by which the European Commission has said a future relationship must be agreed if it is to be ratified by the EU in time for the UK's departure the following month.
  • 31 December 2020/21/22 - the Transition Period will end. Union law will no longer apply in the UK and a new settlement agreed within the Transition Period will commence. 

Correct of 22/01/20 

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