Removing Barriers to D/deaf and Disabled People

Removing Barriers for D/deaf and Disabled People

UK Theatre and SOLT are working together on trainingadvocacy and signposting good practice with a view to meeting needs of the workforce, audience and the sector as a whole. 

Below are a number of resources to help theatres starting on or improving their accessibility for both audiences and their workforce.

If you are looking for information on getting to our offices, our building, facilities, and access information, then please go to the Your Visit page.

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Access to Work

Arts Council England and Disability Arts Online's: Access to Work: A Guide for the Arts and Culture Sector. 

Accessibility guides / charters

Accessible and assisted performances   

Some places to find out more information on different types of performances including, but not limited to: BSL, touch tours and captioning:

Case Studies

We are currently asking members for examples of good practice which will appear here as case studies. If you have one you'd like to share with members, please get in contact


Charities that may be able to help with specific access requirements 

Please note - inclusion of these links is not to endorse an impairment-based approach but rather they are specific charities with useful information about removing barriers for their particular user groups:

Accessible Ticketing

Currently, there are a number of approaches to accessible ticketing. Both STAR and Attitude is Everything's reports are useful in helping you think through accessible ticketing.

Other useful resources

There are lots of useful resources out there depending on what you need to know. You may find what you are looking for from the websites below.

Our Access related blogs

We regularly ask people to write blogs for us on different subjects, here are those related to access. 


There are a number of awards you could enter to celebrate the work your theatre is doing, here are some of them: 

Disability arts access card scheme for the UK

Webinar Pre-Brief 

We are continually looking to improve this page. If you have any resources you think we should be adding, or if this page needs to be updated, please let us know

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