Producing, Presenting and Touring Handbook

Producing, Presenting and Touring Handbook

UK Theatre's and SOLT's new Producing, Presenting and Touring Handbook will be published in May 2019. It is intended to help all parties use clear and consistent ways of working.

The Handbook will be based on existing material, which will form the starting point for discussions at our series of forums taking place across the UK between November 2018 - April 2019.  

What updates are needed to the existing material for the current context?  What tools and resources do we need now?

Existing Material - for discussion

A best practice guide to managing technical Get-ins, Fit-ups and Get-outs to ensure they can be run efficiently and in accordance with current Health and Safety practices. It encourages early communication between the technical representatives from both   the production and the venue for troubleshooting purposes and the avoidance of unnecessary costs.   

The code of practice was updated in 2015 and provides a set of best practice guidelines on how venues and producers should make deals, including reference to:  
- a suggested timeline of progress on contractual elements
- to encourage transparency of costs / any potential for reduced income 
- how data is shared    
- schedules for settlement statements and payments    
- marketing support    
- agreed understanding of time allowed for get in / out and venue staff required    

A template deal memo which sets out all the different elements of the financial deal and headline information about the production and its presentation at a particular venue. It is designed to help in the creation of a full agreement, which should follow shortly after the deal memo has been agreed. 

A comprehensive (33 page) document revised in 2017 which sets out all the potential clauses which should be included in a venue agreement and the legal and/or commercial reasons for certain inclusions or omissions. 

Do you want to share your views on the Handbook content but can't make it along to a discussion forum?

Take our online survey to let us know your thoughts on the existing material and what else you would like to see in the final Producing, Presenting and Touring handbook.

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