Women in Theatre

Women in Theatre

UK Theatre and SOLT's aim is to ensure the industry is a safer, more supportive and inclusive working environment for all in the future.

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  • ACAS: Menopause at WorkInformation explaining the menopause and how to support and talk to staff. ACAS also provide training and events related to menopause at work here
  • CIPD Guide to Managing Menopause at Work: Guidance directed at line managers which provides practical information and advice
  • Government Response to Menopause and the Workplace: An policy paper that responds to recommendations from an independent report that is aimed at bringing about comprehensive change and support for those experiencing the menopause.
  • Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace Training: Menopause at work training, videos and e-learning, which can be ready-made, tailored or bespoke
  • Menopause at Work: Provides information and a range of free downloadable tools, tips and guidance to help you support menopausal transition in your workplace
  • NHS GuidanceDesigned to help NHS organisations, line managers, and those working in the NHS understand more about the menopause, how they can support colleagues at work and those experiencing menopause symptoms. Much of what is covered will also be useful for those in other industries
  • Peppy: Free resources to support your workforce. Written by leading experts, these are designed to help train line managers, onboard new staff, and raise awareness across your organisation
  • Tonic Theatre - Menopause Training: The session covers what the menopause is, what it can mean for anyone experiencing it and how arts organisations can take active steps to increase awareness and support
  • Your Work and Life in Balance: Georgeta Vlase-Harvey is a coach who can discuss how to help your organisation to create or enhance a menopause initiative that will retain valuable talent, improve menopause-related performance and reduce menopause-related absenteeism

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