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Data Analyst

Date Added
30 June 2022
SOLT/UK Theatre
£35,000 - £40,000 per year, depending on experience
Job Specification
The candidate 
• As there are a wide range of skills required for this new role, we are open to applications from people who can satisfy as many of the criteria in the job description as possible, and we would be happy to discuss training or support in any other areas as required. 
• As the candidate will be the only dedicated data analyst in the organisation, we are looking for someone with drive and enthusiasm, and who can work collaboratively across a range of departments, and with external stakeholders 
• Professional experience in the theatre industry or cultural sector is not essential, although an interest in theatre is desirable, as we are looking for someone with transferable skills who can learn about the sector as part of their work. What’s more important is that this person has strong communication skills and can translate the numbers into an accessible and meaningful narrative for internal and external stakeholders. 
• Overseeing the collection and analysis of data predominantly from and relating to our membership’s theatres and production companies, and keeping abreast of relevant academic, government and other research and data sources 
• Alongside the Head of UK Theatre & Workforce Development, overseeing the development of our new Evidence Centre, a data aggregation and analysis tool, with our partner Baker Richards. 
• Managing data collection processes through existing systems, by undertaking primary 
research, or by working in partnership with external consultants and agencies 
• Interpreting the trends and themes identified in the data into accessible and practical information and reports for a range of internal and external stakeholders 
• The Data Analyst’s work will support and complement specific areas of our work, especially business planning for the sector, policy development, lobbying and advocacy through public affairs, and workforce strategic development 
• Identifying additional sources of existing data that could be useful for our sector, including tourism data, wider economic and workforce trends, etc. Examples of the sort of work that this role could be involved in include: 
• SOLT Annual Sales Reports and press releases 
• UK Theatre Annual Sales & Audience Reporting 
• Annual UK Theatre sales figures press release 
• Nordicity Workforce Report 
Data tools 
• Assist in the creation and implementation of SOLT and UK Theatre’s new data collection system – the Evidence Centre - in conjunction with the Head of UK Theatre and Workforce Development 
Sales and audience data 
• Oversee sales and audience data collection for both SOLT and UK Theatre membership, utilising existing systems and processes 
• Liaise with members and partners to ensure the accuracy and security of all sales and audience data collection 
• Analyse and interpret data in a clear, concise, accessible language to provide clear insight, with trends and themes identified, appropriate comparisons provided, and relevant filtering and benchmarking undertaken 
• Collate regular (weekly/fortnightly/monthly/quarterly) sales and audience data reports, and oversee the design and distribution of the information to membership 
• Oversee annual sales and audience data report content and formatting, in conjunction with Head of UK Theatre & Workforce Development 
• Manage all internal and external requests for data and insight, primarily relating to media and lobbying/advocacy, in conjunction with Head of Marketing & 
Communications and Public Affairs department 
• Keep updated information sheets which include main data statistics, headlines and trends relating to theatre, and with all data annotated with source, date, etc. 
Economic and workforce data 
• Liaise with the Public Affairs department on data required for government, the devolved administrations and local authority lobbying and advocacy, which could include: 
- overall social and economic impact of UK theatre sector, including 
income/expenditure, tax, soft power, etc 
- value of self-employed workforce 
- ancillary spend of theatre audiences and overall worth of theatre sector to wider local 
economy, e.g. night-time economy, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc 
• To enable benchmarking, align all research and data points with government/local authority/academic publications from sources such as the Office of National Statistics to the Policy and Evidence Centre. 
• Liaise with the Employment Relations department on collecting and interpreting data tosupport any negotiations around Collective Agreements 
• Undertake primary research, predominantly surveys with SOLT and UK Theatre membership, and process information into reports written in accessible language which consist of key headlines/findings with trends and themes identified 
• Support the work of any external research agencies who SOLT and UK Theatre commission or support, or who make any enquiries for information, on any research relating to the theatre industry 
• Maintain accurate information sheets which include main data points, headlines and trends relating to theatre 
• Monitor the demographics of our membership, our Boards and our staff in order to identify any areas where there is under-representation compared to the national or regional population, and create reports 
• Seek out new sources of data from less obvious stakeholders such as Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) or Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). 
• Support the Head of UK Theatre and Workforce Development and the Public Affairs Manager to translate data into powerful and engaging narratives which can be shared with external stakeholders including politicians, policymakers, and the wider industry. 
Application Details
SOLT / UK Theatre 
Data Analyst role application questions 
To apply for the role of Data Analyst at SOLT/UK Theatre, we would like you to answer the 
questions below. Please submit a word document or PDF by emailing 
These questions are the first stage of the application process. 
For the first part of this application process we will be using your answers to the questions 
we’ve set to assess which applicants most meet our candidate criteria. 
We are actively seeking applications from people who are presently under-represented in 
the theatre sector and in our organisation, which includes people from global majorities and 
D/deaf and disabled people. This is because we believe that having people working for us 
with a range of different lived experience ensures that we have a range of opinions in our 
discussions, which in turn makes us a more effective organisation, better set up to serve all 
our stakeholders. 
If you are selected for interview (which will may be a video call), we will ask you to talk 
through the answers you give to these questions, and we will also ask you some other 
Prior to attending, we will ask you if you have any access needs, what your pronouns are, 
and for a phonetic spelling of your name, to ensure that we pronounce it correctly when we 
meet you. 
How will we assess your application? 
We will be looking for people who demonstrate a good understanding of the questions, and 
who can give examples that illustrate well a thorough and conscientious approach to work. 
Questions to answer (250 word maximum response for each): 
1. What tools have you used to assist you in collecting and analysing data? 
2. Tell us about any primary research you’ve done to collect data, e.g. surveys (250 
words maximum) 
3. Tell us what experience you have of analysing raw data and identifying trends and 
narrative from it (250 words maximum) 
4. Tell us about your approach to communicating the meaning behind the numbers in a 
confident and accessible way (250 words maximum) 
5. Tell us about some benchmarking you’ve done, to measure long-term fluctuations in 
data (250 words maximum) 
6. Give us an example of how your data analysis work has enabled people in your 
current or previous organisation to work smarter (250 words maximum) 
7. What are the benefits to our business of considering diversity and inclusion in 
everything we do? (250 words maximum) 
8. To help us understand your career achievements in context, we are interested in 
hearing about any barriers you might have faced in your career to date, and how you 
have been able to overcome them. If you have not faced any barriers so far, or if you 
do not feel comfortable answering this question, you do not need to answer. (250 
words maximum)
Closing Date
18 July 2022
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