HR Support provided by Xpert HR- a new benefit for SOLT & UK Theatre Organisation members

HR Support provided by Xpert HR- a new benefit for SOLT & UK Theatre Organisation members

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In response to member demand, UK Theatre & SOLT have negotiated a discounted member rate with specialist HR support service Xpert HR. Fees are tiered, depending on the number of member organisation employees.

This service is intended to supplement the existing free legal advice service provided to Organisation members by the SOLT & UK Theatre legal team.

To access the discount, a minimum of 20 members will need to sign up by Friday 25 November 2022. Please note, members that are already signed up to Xpert HR can be moved on to this new member rate and count towards the minimum number of sign- ups.

XpertHR’s service includes HR Advisors and Employment lawyers (via Markel Law) who provide 24/7 email and telephone advice to their clients. 

They also provide over 1,100 downloadable model policies, contracts, letters, and forms to help their clients create and maintain legally compliant documentation. This includes an Employment Law Manual, Legal Timetable, Line Manager Briefings, Good Practice Manual, How-To-Guides, and Liveflo (flowcharts, guidance, and templates).

Bespoke drafting can be provided on an ad-hoc basis for an additional charge.

For further information on the services provided, please refer to Xpert HR’s website.

To take advantage of this special SOLT & UK Theatre member rate, or if you have any questions about this opportunity, email us at

Date Published: 19 October 2022
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