Join SOLT and UK Theatre's Inclusion and Anti-Racism Working Group

Join SOLT and UK Theatre’s Inclusion and Anti-Racism Working Group

SOLT and UK Theatre are seeking members to join our Inclusion and Anti-Racism Working Group.

This group was initially set up in 2020 to address the long-term diversity and inclusion challenges faced by the industry and to improve practice, and we are now recruiting for new members. The working group advises on initiatives SOLT and UK Theatre produce to respond to these challenges, which aim to nurture the future workforce and support and invest in the current workforce.

While our diversity and inclusion work covers people and issues relating to all the protected characteristics, we have a particular focus on demographics where there is low theatre workforce representation: disabled workers, those from ethnically diverse backgrounds, workers from a low socioeconomic background, and those with caring responsibilities.

Our diversity and inclusion work complements the other aspects of SOLT and UK Theatre’s workforce development strategy which focuses on the industry’s working culture, and skills and training.

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Expressions of interest will close on Monday 28 March.

What is the purpose of the working group?

The working group has been formed to:

  • Help shape SOLT and UK Theatre’s response to diversity and inclusion issues, providing support in the implementation of any relevant initiatives
  • Guide SOLT and UK Theatre on the development of support and guidance for members, with the aim of encouraging engagement, proactivity, and empowerment to implement change
  • Assist SOLT and UK Theatre in gathering and interpreting relevant data and subsequently creating appropriate actions
  • Ensure that SOLT and UK Theatre’s diversity and inclusion initiatives involve the input of those directly affected by the challenges each project is addressing
  • Promote and share best practice and learnings from the sector
  • Advise on prioritisation of projects
Who are we looking for?

It is important that our working group is made up of a mixture of skills, demographics and experience in order to achieve diversity of thought and opinion. With this in mind, the group should represent as many of the following skills, demographics and experiences as possible.


  • Change management and organisational culture
  • Education, learning and participation
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Recruitment
  • Wellbeing and mental health


  • As wide a range of demographics as possible across age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation and socio-economic background
  • Individuals from all areas of all four nations (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales)


  • Individuals with lived experience of ableism, sexism, racism or other forms of discrimination, particularly relating to the protected characteristics
  • Parents or carers working in the theatre and performing arts industry
  • Freelancers working in the theatre and performing arts industry
  • Representation from both the commercial and subsided sectors, across venues and production companies
  • Representation across a range of roles: creative, administrative/managerial and technical

The working group will primarily be made up of SOLT and UK Theatre members, with representatives of both the SOLT and UK Theatre Boards (approx. 4 total), representation from freelancers (up to 2 total), and other individuals and/or organisations with valuable skills and experience. The working group will comprise a maximum of 15 people.

What’s the commitment?
  • We anticipate holding four online meetings a year. The meetings will be online to improve access, maximise attendance and remove the need for travel time and cost.
  • Papers will be sent out in advance of each meeting for the working group members to read and come prepared to discuss. Notes will be taken and shared with the working group after each meeting.
  • Payment for attendance at Working Group meetings is available for freelancers, at a rate of £150 per meeting.
  • Live captioning / BSL sign-language interpretation can be made available for meetings if required.
Who does the working group report to? 

The working group makes recommendations for solutions to the SOLT and UK Theatre Boards, who have ultimate responsibility for approving any proposals. 

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Expressions of interest will close on Monday 28 March.

If you have any questions about the Inclusion and Anti-Racism working group, please email Annie Waugh, Projects Manager:

16 March 2022
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