SOLT/UK Theatre request assistance of CRM/ticketing/data specialists in next development stage of Evidence Centre

SOLT/UK Theatre request assistance of CRM/ticketing/data specialists in next development stage of Evidence Centre

We’re ready to take the next step in developing the SOLT & UK Theatre Evidence Centre, announced earlier this year, in partnership with Baker Richards.  The Evidence Centre will bring together data and research to create resources for use in the sector, and to help us advocate on your behalf. 

We need the support of UK Theatre member venues (‘Organisation Members’) to set up the Evidence Centre – please read on to find out how you can help. 

The first stage of development will allow us to monitor and report on ticket sales, audience behaviour, and get a better understanding of programming trends across the country.  

To gather this data, we need secure access to your CRM/ticketing systems – and the more UK Theatre members that sign up, the more useful and powerful the dataset.  

Who needs to sign up? 

If you are a UK Theatre member venue who directly sells tickets, we’re asking you to please nominate two key contacts in your organisation by the end of April 2023, using a very short form, on this website: 

These people will be: 

  • a person who has the authority to sign a data sharing agreement, and  
  • a contact who knows your ticketing system well e.g., a Box Office or CRM manager. 

At this stage, we are just inviting UK Theatre Organisation Members to sign up - in the New Year we will be requesting SOLT/London member venues sign up. 

What happens next? 

We will then keep these people updated about the project, and will liaise with them on ways of getting set up, keeping our requests short and clear. We are working to get as many members as possible set up before the end of the year. 

Find out more on our webinar 

We recently held a webinar where we talked through the project development journey, and highlighted how the Evidence Centre can help our members by providing deeper levels of analysis and insight than ever before. Watch the webinar here:

This video has captions available, which will be updated by the end of the week, which can be switched on or off by clicking on the ‘Subtitles/closed captions’ icon at the bottom of the screen.  

Please note that this is video is listed on a private link on our YouTube channel, so please do not share this link with anyone outside of your organisation

Further information 

If you have any queries or would like to hear more about the project, please contact our partners Baker Richards, on  

Date Published: 11 October 2022
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