UK Theatre and BECTU Negotiations

UK Theatre and BECTU Negotiations

UK Theatre and BECTU have been in discussions for over three years to revise and modernise the UK Theatre BECTU Agreement so that it better aligns with the modern working practices of UK Theatre members and to provide a minimum rate at the Living Wage Foundation Living Wage; what BECTU call the ‘real Living Wage’.

UK Theatre has also over this period increased the wage rates set out in the Agreement by a minimum of 8.0% at the highest grade and a minimum of 10.00% at the middle and lower grades. These above inflation increases were recognised by both UK Theatre and BECTU as interim measures pending wider negotiations over modernising the Agreement.

Despite giving UK Theatre numerous assurances of their desire to deliver a revised and modern agreement, BECTU has rejected outright a series of proposals that would have delivered the ‘real Living Wage’ and substantial pay increases at every grade, and has now formally advised UK Theatre that it doubts that it will be able to agree to the changes required to bring that about. In such circumstances UK Theatre is not able to offer any increase in the rates set out in the Agreement.

UK Theatre remains prepared to engage with BECTU through the conciliation services of workplace experts ACAS.

Date Published: 18 April 2019
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