UK Theatre supports the launch of the Anti-Racism Rider

UK Theatre supports the launch of the Anti-Racism Rider

The anti-racism rider and toolkit is launched today as a step towards more equitable working conditions for touring shows and events. In response to personal testimonies and feedback from over 100 freelancers, co-ordinated by a group of 15 national touring theatre companies, and spearheaded by Amanda Huxtable, Rowan Rutter (HighTide), Richard Twyman (English Touring Theatre) and Lian Wilkinson (New Earth Theatre), the rider and accompanying checklist offers a series of actions for anti-racist practice, giving a framework to establish the baseline of expectations and support between stakeholders on a touring production.  

The events of 2020 only highlighted the need for change within the industry, and the importance of standardising practice across the UK to safeguard companies, productions and venues paving the way for greater equality and safe practice. The rider seeks to foster closer working relationships between companies and venues, with the intention of providing a standard of care and commitment both from the theatres and producers. 

The rider - the first practical toolkit for change offered from within the industry - is backed by companies in the National Touring Network including 20 Stories High, Actors Touring Company, China Plate, Eclipse Theatre, English Touring Theatre, Fuel, Graeae, HighTide, Improbable, New Earth Theatre, Northern Broadsides, Stockroom, Paines Plough, Pentabus Theatre, Pilot Theatre, Tamasha and Theatre Centre, alongside Sheffield Theatres, HOME Manchester, UK Theatre, Independent Theatre Council, and Inc Arts.  

Touring companies, venues and freelancers across the country fed into the consultation process for the rider, resulting in a 8-page document detailing actions and suggestions that producers and venue managers commit to when touring a show. It has been compiled with the aim it is applicable to any touring production or company, irrespective of scale or remit, and covers actions to be used as a baseline leading up to touring. It provides a 360-approach encompassing all aspects of the production - from the first engagements with venues, wellbeing and pastoral care, marketing, and throughout all aspects of the run. The rider is one of the actions listed on Unlock, an anti-racism toolkit from Inc Arts for recruitment, leadership and the workplace. 

UK Theatre welcome the Anti-Racism Rider as a useful contribution to the discussions around making our venues safer, more inclusive and more welcoming. We look forward to consulting with our membership on future developments of the Rider as a practical anti-racist resource for venues, touring companies and producers.  

For more information and to download the rider, please visit:

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Date Published: 11 June 2021
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