Engaging Teams

Engaging Teams

Thursday 6 September 2018

11.00am - 5.30pm

We work in arts and culture. We work for organisations with amazing missions. We create experiences for audiences and visitors that they crave and enjoy. So how come we aren’t all floating around in a haze of euphoria? Creating an engaging workplace is about more than creating an amazing cultural product. This course helps managers bring the two together to create engaging teams. People are astonishing, have extraordinary potential and are the most valuable element in any cultural organisation. When they are well managed they feel motivated, understand their role, are self-aware about their strengths and development areas, imaginative about how to do their job and know how their work makes a crucial difference to the organisation and its audiences. Teams that feel like this are engaged, support each other and connect with audiences and customers alike.  

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  • People who manage people 
  • People who work with others on a day to day basis and would like to understand how to make the most of those relationships 

This course will explore employee engagement and motivation, what all of us need from our workplace to feel engaged and what role managers and leaders can play to bring that to life. We will look at a range of motivation models and theories as well as global data on what engaged people look and feel like, and what impact engaged employees can have on the performance of an organisation and its relationships with stakeholders, artists and audiences. You will work together to develop practical approaches to improving engagement in your workplace, in your team and for yourself. You will understand how to form stronger teams, whether they are permanent staff teams or short term project teams, and how to ensure everyone is engaged and committed to delivering their best.

 At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the key responsibilities of a Trustee or Board member
  • Understand the respective strategic/operational roles of Board/management
  • Be equipped for the future, with some insight into the likely challenges ahead for the sector
  •  Gain greater confidence in governing and/or supporting the governance of arts organisations
  • Have a good understanding of best practice in cultural governance

Richard Watts runs people make it work, a company that helps cultural organisations change and develop. With a focus on Change Management, Culture development and employee/stakeholder engagement, people make it work also run’s the “change creation” programme for ACE and works with some of the UK’s most celebrated cultural organisations. Richard’s career has focused on managing people and relationships to create extraordinary results working with leaders and teams across the whole cultural sector. He brings 25 years of training and development together with a passionate commitment to arts and cultural organisations to create a truly dynamic day.


UK Theatre & SOLT Member, ITC, FST, ABO and ABTT Members

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