Common Purpose - Meridian

Common Purpose - Meridian Leadership Programme

Common Purpose Meridian programme - for senior/experienced people who work with multiple, diverse stakeholders.

Meridian develops your ability to cross divides, to draw on wider networks, and to deliver results outside of your direct circle of control.

Venue: We use local areas as our classrooms and spend programme days at different locations in and around city regions. Venues range from corporates to prisons, to hospitals to community centres and more.

Programmes take place across the UK – you can find your nearest here:

Dates & times:

We run two Meridian programmes in each area a year, in the autumn and spring.  The programmes run over a four-month period and consist of:

  • Three core days (9am - 5.30pm)
  • Two half-day immersions (either am or pm)
  • Three, three-hour learning groups

Summary of the programme

Meridian groups are made up of individuals from the private, public and third sectors.

Participants are challenged on a personal and professional level to help them develop as leaders. They create new peer groups and consider how people solve complex problems both in organisations and local areas.

Individuals are taken out of their context, and often comfort zone, through different insights and experiences, which helps them, adapt and develop as leaders. This provides organisations, and places, with more effective leaders.


Participants can also access the Common Purpose alumni network, including free events and opportunities to contribute, after the programme has been completed.


Outline of the programme

Meridian develops leaders with the skills, networks and understanding to make an impact in their organisation and across their region.

The programme uses a real-world experiential approach.  We convene leaders from every corner of the city who share open accounts of their leadership challenges.  We take participants to places and organisations where they can explore how leaders approach complex change in different contexts.  On each programme, we guarantee a diverse mix of leaders from the private, public and third sectors.

The programme consists of:

·         On-line pre-programme platform/discussion space

·         Three full-day modules, which allow participants to explore leadership themes as part of a diverse cross-sector group.  We convene senior leaders from across the city to share open accounts of their own leadership challenges and the way they overcame them.

·         Half-day immersion experiences allow participants to experience leadership and decision-making in different contexts.  Participants attend two immersions from a choice of three – they could be in a prison, hospital, school or business.

·         Learning groups enable participants to deepen their learning as part of a small but diverse group.  Each month, a different participant hosts a three-hour learning group at their workplace.  Here they work on their own leadership challenges with the help of a guide/coach.

·         The programme focuses on the theme of Leading Beyond Authority and covers different leadership issues and real-life challenges, with visits, keynote speakers and panel discussions throughout. It is not an academic or theory-based programme and there is no course-work.


Who is the programme suitable for?

Leaders operating at a senior level who deliver complex change with ever more diverse stakeholders – both in their organisation and across their local area.


What are the learning outcomes?

We focus on four key areas of impact:

  • Leadership - 90% of senior leaders say the programme helped them develop as leaders
  • Innovation - 90% say it helpedthem to drive bold innovation
  • Networks - 92% gained broader networks
  • Better decisions - 89% say the programme has helped them make better decisions

“The programme is so well planned, delivered and the content is perfectly pitched at the various leaders in the room. The quality of speakers and workshops demonstrates Common Purpose's connections and their ability to shape a perfectly pitched programme. The programme itself is career and goal changing. A chance to stop, listen, learn, reflect, challenge and be challenged. Highly recommended.” 

Ruth Richardson,Partnership Manager (Midlands): Creative and Cultural Skills Strategic Arts Consultant: Touchbase Pears, Sense Arts  



“The Meridian course represents time spent learning with others about valuable aspects of leadership that are often elusive in the headlong rush of day-to-day business. I don’t know of a better method of developing leadership skills.”

Susannah Shaw, CEO, Curzon Cinema & Arts



Quote to follow from Peter Evans, Birmingham Hippodrome


Who will be delivering the programme?

Our programme directors across the country are experts at chairing cross-boundary leadership programmes with senior leaders.


You will find more information about the courses running across the UK on our website:


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