Clothworkers' Award

Clothworkers' Award

The Clothworkers’ Theatre Award was part of a broader five year £1.25million programme to support the dramatic arts, which saw The Clothworkers’ Foundation awarded annual funds of £150,000 to five venues across the UK Theatre membership between 2014 and 2018.

The Clothworkers' Foundation are undertaking a review of this initiative in 2019. We hope to work with them in 2020 and beyond.

The annual award was given to a regional producing theatre in England. The prize could be used for anything from capital works to sponsoring a touring production. It must be used for the specific purpose stated in the theatre's application and not added to the theatre’s general funds.  

In selecting the winner of the award, the Clothworkers’ Foundation took into account factors such as the theatre’s recent achievements, and the strength of the project proposal including the impact it hopes to make.

A different England region was selected each year; the Southwest was the 2014 region with the Theatre Royal Plymouth winning the award, followed by Yorkshire in 2015 when the award was won by York Theatre Royal. 2016 was the turn of the Northeast and the Northwest with Northern Stage receiving the award. The Midlands was the chosen region for 2017 and Derby Theatre were the beneficiaries of the £150,000 award. Lastly, 2018 saw Queen's Theatre Hornchurch win the award.

Clothworkers' Company & Foundation

  • Founded by Royal Charter in 1528, The Clothworkers’ Company existed historically to protect its members and promote the craft of cloth-finishing in the City of London.
  • Almost 500 years later, although it continues to value its past, its tradition and heritage, The Clothworkers’ Company also believes it should make a contribution to society, which it does primarily through the Clothworkers’ Foundation. 
  • The Clothworkers' Foundation, an independent grant-making trust, was set up by The Clothworkers' Company in 1977. Since then, the Foundation has awarded more than £100m in grants. It awards capital grants to UK not-for-profit organisations which aim to improve the lives of people and communities, particularly those facing disadvantage. In addition, the Foundation has a small number of proactive grant programmes including the new five year £1.25m Dramatic Arts initiative.
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