International perspectives on resilience with Yesplan

International perspectives on resilience with Yesplan

Musikhuset Aarhus in the Netherlands
Musikhuset Aarhus, Denmark
Date Published: 05 April 2019

As an International supplier of cultural venue and event planning software systems, the Yesplan team around the globe share their observations on various approaches to better use of resources and general resilience.

Patrick Morsman, Sales Manager - working with UK theatres and arts centres

Talking to UK venue managers, their primary aim is to improve the flow of information around events; knowing if and when the contract has been signed, who needs to work on which events and what resources are needed where.  Old systems or multiple spreadsheets mean a huge waste of time, and is very prone to human error.

So they’re looking for a centralised system that everyone from the cleaner to the CEO can login to and can find out what’s going on. And that’s where we can help.  

When the event information goes straight to their ticketing system, to their front-of-house digital signage, to their teams, to their finance system and even to their building management system to turn the house lights on and off at the right time they are saving huge amounts of time – freeing them to get on with the important things like great customer service and superb productions.

Andrew Thomas, International Business Development - a Canadian perspective

What value do you place on something that costs you nothing? I can think of your answer, but do you apply the same to volunteers? How much do you value them and consider their needs and preferences?
So many Canadian venues are really prioritising "volunteer management".   Along with preferred working times, roles they prefer to perform and who they travel, there is now a greater need to give tools to the volunteer and the opportunity to manage all these things.
Yesplan makes it possible to focus volunteer management on both the needs of the volunteer as well as the venue.

Wouter Vermeylen, Managing Director - the Belgian view

"Manage your venue with peace of mind. One team, one tool”

Yesplan has several users who manage multiple sites with multiple teams. There are many cities and municipalities in Flandres that manage their theatres, sports facilities, meeting rooms and youth centres in one single Yesplan installation. They manage which employees have access to which locations and resources using the smart permissions features.

It can work the other way around too! A multifunctional building shared by 7 organisations also shared a Yesplan installation. Everyone is aware of what’s planned and no conflicts arise, and there’s a coordinated approach so that all the organisations can engage with their shared audience.

It’s fantastic to see this level of collaboration being underpinned by the tools that we provide.  

Jeroen Snoek, Sales Director - a thin line between culture and commerce in Netherlands

Shrinking subsidies have led many cultural organisations to think about alternative ways of creating income, including using their beautiful buildings for commercial events like meetings and conferences. This comes with its challenges. Are we programming that show when we can hire out the space for a good profit?

Yesplan can support both cultural and commercial events. Organisations have access to all the data they need to make the decisions that are right for their organisation and the workflows support the collection and distribution of the right information to the right people regardless of the type of event.  Now it is up to our customers to maximize the venue’s potential - artistic and commercial.

Erik Temmerman, Business Development - a Danish success story

During our intense collaboration, the Yesplan team became a real fan of Musikhuset Aarhus in Denmark.

Musikhuset Aarhus developed a business model demolishing the old walls between genres.   The program varies from Patti Smith to the Jutland Opera Choir. The Danish Music Academy, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, the Danish Opera, theatre Filuren and Comedy Zoo Aarhus all live and work in the building. 

The result is a melting pot, with hundreds of students, teachers, professional musicians and a massively present audience of 1 million visitors per year. They also host high-level conferences (Global IOT Summit for example) and offer hospitality operations. Yesplan allows them to manage this complex operation smoothly.

It is inspirational to see how culture and conferences, students and professionals, popular, contemporary and classic arts programs all thrive under one roof, with the commercial operation supporting the cultural program.

So what do all these observations have in common?

The more seamlessly your systems work for you, the more effectively you can manage your resources. The more effectively you communicate across teams and spaces, the more resilient your organisation will be - and that is the case no matter where in the world you are.            

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