Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024 – why you should accredit 

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is one of the most significant arts marketplaces in the world – a gathering point for industry professionals seeking new work and emerging talent. More than 1,400 arts industry from 50 countries attended in 2023, as well as 840 media – the Fringe has a justifiable reputation as the place to meet with colleagues from the UK and beyond. 

The Fringe Society is the organisation that underpins the festival; its Arts Industry Office exists to help industry professionals discover work and connect with new talent presenting at Edinburgh. Right now the team is laying the groundwork for 09 May, when industry accreditation opens for Fringe 2024 – accrediting is free, easy and provides essential services and advice for industry professionals looking to make the most of their time at the festival. These services include: 

  • Fringe Marketplace, a database of Fringe 2024 work with onward potential 
  • the Industry Associates, an expert team providing programme insights and recommendations 
  • a complimentary ticket request service enabling industry to see a broader array of work 
  • a calendar of workshops, discussions and networking events organised by both the Fringe Society and organisations across the sector 
  • knowledge of who else is in town and assistance connecting with peers and colleagues. 

Find out more about why you should accredit – visit edfringe.com/arts-industry

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