Evidence Centre

The UK theatre industry’s two leading membership associations, Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre, in partnership with data and insight specialists Baker Richards, are bringing to you exclusive members access to the ‘Evidence Centre – Members Area’. 

The Evidence Centre utilises the latest technology to aggregate data from a range of sources, including automatically extracted ticket transactions, demographics data, infrastructure data, attitudinal survey data, and open government data, adopting innovative approaches to analysis including experimentation with machine learning and AI.  

At this early stage, we are processing anonymised data for more than £1.25 bn worth of transactions across 45 venues. 

The Members Area is a simplified, easy to navigate, version of the Evidence Centre, giving you direct access to trends in sales, audiences, theatre workforce and demographics, and to provide valuable information for you and all our members to assist with business planning. 

Regular sales and audience insights reporting is a benefit of your membership, but we need all members to sign up to ensure that our reporting accurately reflects the national picture.   

To sign-up, email enquiries@soltukt.co.uk with details of the colleagues in your organisation responsible for legal agreements and for ticketing.  The legal agreement will be shared for your colleague to read and sign using an online system.  We will then work with your ticketing colleague to extract your data to the Evidence Centre. 

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