Making theatre truly accessible for young people.

When most people talk about children’s access to the theatre, they are talking about what needs to be done to get them to the theatre – be that via subsidised ticket prices or by making it easier for schools to arrange trips.

In this new case study for the Theatre for Every Child campaign, Michelle Rolfe, UK Theatre Board Member and Producer for Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, takes a very different, and crucially important, look at another aspect of access: making theatre that’s not only accessible for children and young people with disabilities, but more importantly, speaks to their experiences.

Birds of Paradise are proud to call themselves Scotland’s premier disability-led theatre company and embody creative access, producing positive images of inclusion and encouraging participation in the arts.

The case study takes an in-depth look at the company’s Super Special Disability Roadshow! – a rare example of a show for young people that talks about the complexity of the experience of disability today. It demonstrates the impact it had on young audiences and on disabled and non-disabled audiences alike.

Ultimately, it highlights “the importance of every child being able to experience a piece of accessible theatre that addresses disability equality before leaving school”. And the value of giving children in the UK that are disabled the opportunity “to see themselves represented in the culture around them”.

Read the The Super Special Disability Roadshow! case study here.

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