Shadow Minister for Arts Urges MPs To Visit Theatre

On Tuesday 14th May Lilian Greenwood MP,  Shadow Minister for Arts, Heritage and Civil Society spoke about her recent visit to Nottingham Playhouse to see James Graham’s play ‘Punch’, which she said shines a light on the potential power of restorative justice.

Greenwood said:

“Last week I saw the powerful new play “Punch” by James Graham. I cannot recommend it highly enough to all right hon. and hon. Members, who are welcome to come to Nottingham Playhouse to see it. It raises important questions about young men and their offending behaviour and shines a light on the potential power of restorative justice. What role does the Minister believe restorative justice can and should play in tackling reoffending, which, as he said, has risen for the first time in a decade among adults and children?”

In response, Edward Argar, Minister of State for Prisons, Parole and Probation said:

“I am grateful to the hon. Lady not just for her question, but for her kind invitation to visit Nottingham Playhouse—it is just up the road from my constituency in Leicestershire, so I might take her up on that. In answer to her substantive question, although decisions on restorative justice are a matter for judges—there are relevant considerations to take into account—I see restorative justice as one element of a package that can help to reduce reoffending and get children and young people who commit crime back on to the straight and narrow.

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