SOLT & UK Theatre Open Demographic Audits for 2022

SOLT and UK Theatre have implemented annual demographic audits of their Boards, memberships, and staff. The 2022 member audits are now open until Friday 25 February. We encourage all SOLT and UK Theatre Members to take the audits, so we can get a full and accurate picture of our memberships.

Take the SOLT Member demographic auditTake the UK Theatre Member demographic audit

Why are we undertaking demographic audits?

These audits allow us to monitor the make-up of our current memberships. We can then compare this data with the UK population (for UK Theatre members) and London population(for SOLT members) and identify areas of under-representation. We can also compare our membership data with that of our Boards, which helps us to ensure our Boards are representative of the members they speak for. The audit data also helps us determine areas of focus for our equality, diversity and inclusion work by prioritising demographics where there is the largest variance of under-representation.

Collecting this data annually means we can track our progress in achieving our aim of improving representation within our memberships and Boards, as well as the wider theatre and performing arts workforce.

What questions are asked in the audits?

The questions in the demographic audits align with the questions asked by the government in the 2021 census, to allow for like-for-like comparisons with the national population. The audits include questions on age, ethnicity, gender identity, health, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, caring responsibilities, education, and socioeconomic background. We have also included additional questions about the geographic region respondents are based in, whether they are self-employed or what kind of organisation they work for. These questions enable us to better understand the different aspects of our membership and ensure we are producing the right kind of support.

Are the audits anonymous?

The audits are completely anonymous. Respondents are not asked to give their name or any contact details, and Survey Monkey automatically removes IP addresses from the data before we receive it. Respondents can select ‘prefer not to say’ on all questions if they would rather not answer.

What will we do with the data?

Once the audits are complete, the anonymised data from both memberships, both Boards and our staff will be collated, and the results published on our websites. We will publish the data alongside that of previous years if it exists. This regular reporting will enable us to be fully transparent of our progress, and will help us to build trust with those in our sector who are currently under-represented and may feel marginalised.

Take the SOLT Member demographic auditTake the UK Theatre Member demographic auditIf you have any questions about the demographic audits, please email the CEO Office on

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